Next Winter Gig: Home Building and Renovation Show

Well its been a while since our last gig, but the next one is coming up. But thinking even further ahead we have just booked a really unusual gig for November. A few of us in the band work in the building industry for our day jobs so we have quite a lot of contacts in the building industry.

One of the companies we work for Builders Plymouth: are taking part in the Home Building and Renovation Show at the Bath and West showground in Somerset. They want to put some razzmatazz into their stand so we are actually going to be providing an acoustic set and playing at various times throughout the show!

The show has an advice centre and loads of building contractors and home building trades that will really lift you design and build ideas. We love being part of the building industry so think it is a great time to combine business with pleasure.

At the Advice Centre, they give you the chance to have free one-on-one consultations with architects, planners, architectural technologists and their very own Homebuilding & Renovating experts.

The show is not until 18th and 19th November and the details for the event can be found here

So come and join us the Kelman Band for a unique appearance at one of the countries top Renovating and building industry trade shows!

Our New Sponsor: Longboard Avenue

Finally after years of trying our best to find a suitable sponsor, a company who would recognize what we are really all about, would be suitable for the music we like to play we have found our match. are a new brand who are exploding onto the skateboarding scene. They are an online site who help people who are interested in getting involved in our sport, choose the right equipment and get the best prices.

We have grown up with the skate scene and it has heavily influenced our music as well. Skating and punk rock have always been the perfect marriage. When we were young we used to watch the likes of Tony Hawk, The Powell Perelta team, Rodney Mullen and all those other legendry names in the world of skateboarding.

The Long-board movement is like a sub genre within the sport and we love taking our long-boards out on tour, in fact they are the perfect way to travel around some cities and also come in handy when moving our stage gear!

If you are interested in getting a long board you should check out their Best Long Boards For 2017 which can be found at

It really is the “soul surfer” side of the sport. Often referred to as the sidewalk surfer when doing fast speeds and really grinding out those big carves!

Top 6 Best Skate Punk Bands in the World

Skate Punk is a subgenre of punk and involves a mix of Melodic Hardcore and Pop Punk styles. There have been several skate punk bands, although they may be categorized as simply punk or punk rock these days. We have always enjoyed punk music in all forms and decided to compile a list of the best skate punk bands (in no specific order).


This band is from America and has been around since 1983. They have 9 band members and their music ranges across several genres including Skate punk, Punk rock, Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore punk, and Ska punk. NOFX has quite a following and still tour often.

The Offspring

The Offspring is an American band from California that is widely known as a punk rock band. They formed in 1984 and was originally called Manic Subsidal. This band is very popular and famous for catchy punk melodies and interesting music videos. Their music genres include Punk rock, Pop punk, Skate punk, and Alternative rock. One of their best-known albums is Americana that was released in 1998.


Another band from California, Pennywise, was formed in 1988. They got their name from the monster, It, in the movie by Stephen King. The band has 6 members and record with Epitaph Records and MySpace Records. Their genres include Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Skate punk, and Melodic Hardcore. One of their most known songs is called Bro Hymn and was released in 1991.

Blink 182

Anyone who doesn’t know Blink 182, has been living under a rock for the past 20 years. Blink 182 was formed in 1992 and the boys are also from California. Their genres include Pop punk, Alternative rock, Punk rock, and Skate punk. They are extremely well-known across the world and have sold thousands of albums. Two of their most famous songs are All the Small Things and Adam’s Song. Both these songs were released on the Enema of the State album.

Suicidal Tendencies

In 1980, an American crossover thrash band was founded by Mike Muir. Mike is the vocalist and the only remaining original member of the band. They are from California and have been associated with other bands like Slayer, Metallica, No Mercy, and Los Cycos. Unlike the other bands on this list, they lean more towards the thrash genres instead of the rock genres. Their genres include Crossover thrash, Hardcore punk, Funk metal, Thrash metal, and Skate punk.


Millencolin is one of the few punk rock bands that were not formed in California. They are from Sweden and was formed in 1992. They record for Epitaph Records and Burning Heart Records under the genre of punk. Two of their well-known songs are No Cigar and The Story of My Life. They have 4 main members and have a specific following of fans from across the world.

Clearly, California is the birthplace of punk. It must be something in the water. No matter where these bands are from, they are all very good at what they do and have many fans across the world. Skate punk, punk rock, Melodic Hardcore, etc. is a very strong group of genres. We are sure there are new bands that will blow us away on the horizon.

4 reasons you should attend a music concert

Watching your favorite band perform live music can be a very exciting experience. Though the concert tickets can be expensive and it can be very crowded, here are the top reasons why you should attend a music concert.

You will burn calories

In a concert, you will jump and dance with the beats of the music. So, it can be a form of exercise. It is far better than sitting on a couch and watching TV at home. You will burn lots of calories by attending a music concert.

Increase your spirits

If you want a boost to your everyday spirit, then you should attend music concerts. You will have lots of fun, and it will boost your emotions for the day and the following days as well. The entire process of purchasing the ticket, preparing for the show, reaching the venue and finally attending the concert is very exciting. It will form lots of happy memories for you.


The music concert is a great place to socialize. By attending these concerts, you get a chance to meet new people. When you attend local concerts, you get to meet people in your community. You can support the local musicians by taking part in local concerts.
Discover new sounds

You may hear music that you have never heard before at a concert. So, you get the chance to experience new sounds live. It can boost your mood, and you will have a great time.

Going to a concert with friends is a great outing. It is a wonderful way of having a good time. You will sing, dance, socialize and gather great memories by attending concerts.

Top 3 rock bands of all times

Rock music is very popular, especially among the young generation. Many new rock bands are forming every year, but the following bands are the best of all times.

Led Zeppelin

It was an English rock band formed in 1968. The band members were Robert Plant (vocal), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Bonham (drum) and John Paul Jones (bass, keyboard). The band’s guitar-driven sound is rooted from the blues and psychedelia. Some of their popular albums were Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin II (1970), House of the Holy (1973), etc. The song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is one of their most popular songs. The band ended when the drummer John Bonham died in 1980. However, they played some reunions in the following years. They were included in the Rock Hall of Fame in 1995.

The Beatles

This English rock band was formed in Liverpool in 1960. John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr were the members of the band. They are known as the most influential rock bands so far. They experimented with different genres of music from pop ballads and Indian music to hard rock and psychedelia. They also had classical elements in their music. Their most popular albums include Rubber Soul (1965), Revolver (1966), Abbey Road (1969), and more. They received many prestigious awards including Grammy Awards. They were included in the Rock Hall of Fame in 1988.

Pink Floyd

This band was formed in London. They were famous for their progressive and psychedelic music. The members of the band were David Gilmour, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright. Their successful albums were The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), and more. They were in the Rock Hall of Fame in 1996.

These bands are great inspirations to the new band artists of today. Even after many years, people love their music. They have made rock band popular throughout the world.

5 tips to form a great music band

The young generation today loves music. If you want to show off your talent to the world, then forming a music band is a great idea. If you have friends or people you know who are interested in the same type of music and has some talent, then you can think of forming a music band. Here are some tips to form a successful music band.

1. Copy things that work

You should rehearse and record in places where the successful and local bands rehearse and record. You should observe what the successful bands do in promoting their music and do then do the same for yourself. You should know the other bands in your area and learn from their experiences. Gaining knowledge from other successful bands in your area will be very valuable for your band’s success.

2. Be smart

You must educate yourself about how the music industry operates. You should know where to get help from, source funding, understanding contacts, knowing how the different music industry businesses operate, etc. These understandings are invaluable. You should know about the local and international market. You should know about the key venues, the type of audiences, etc.

3. Networking

Networking is very important to be successful in the music industry. You should know the important peoples of your area, like the DJs, radio program controllers, band managers, music journalists, agents, music gear manufacturers, and more. You should go to parties, gigs, and events where you can meet different people. Networking will give you contacts and opportunities.

4. Get fan mailing list

You should keep in contact with your fans. You should tell them about the latest news of your band through your social pages or mails. You should try to build up an active fan base. You should make a mailing list online and get people to sign up at your gigs.

5. Promote yourself both online and offline

You should use both online and offline promotional materials to promote yourself. You can distribute leaflets, put up billboard ads, set up a Facebook page, upload your music videos online, etc. You must have an official website of your band so that the fans can know about your latest songs, tours, etc.

Forming a music band needs lots of hard work, dedication, and creativity. There is no guarantee that your band will be successful in this intensive competitive market. But these tips will increase the chance of your band’s success.