Our New Sponsor: Longboard Avenue

Finally after years of trying our best to find a suitable sponsor, a company who would recognize what we are really all about, would be suitable for the music we like to play we have found our match.

Longboardavenue.com are a new brand who are exploding onto the skateboarding scene. They are an online site who help people who are interested in getting involved in our sport, choose the right equipment and get the best prices.

We have grown up with the skate scene and it has heavily influenced our music as well. Skating and punk rock have always been the perfect marriage. When we were young we used to watch the likes of Tony Hawk, The Powell Perelta team, Rodney Mullen and all those other legendry names in the world of skateboarding.

The Long-board movement is like a sub genre within the sport and we love taking our long-boards out on tour, in fact they are the perfect way to travel around some cities and also come in handy when moving our stage gear!

If you are interested in getting a long board you should check out their Best Long Boards For 2017 which can be found at http://longboardavenue.com/best-long-boards/

It really is the “soul surfer” side of the sport. Often referred to as the sidewalk surfer when doing fast speeds and really grinding out those big carves!

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