Top 6 Best Skate Punk Bands in the World

Skate Punk is a subgenre of punk and involves a mix of Melodic Hardcore and Pop Punk styles. There have been several skate punk bands, although they may be categorized as simply punk or punk rock these days. We have always enjoyed punk music in all forms and decided to compile a list of the best skate punk bands (in no specific order).


This band is from America and has been around since 1983. They have 9 band members and their music ranges across several genres including Skate punk, Punk rock, Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore punk, and Ska punk. NOFX has quite a following and still tour often.

The Offspring

The Offspring is an American band from California that is widely known as a punk rock band. They formed in 1984 and was originally called Manic Subsidal. This band is very popular and famous for catchy punk melodies and interesting music videos. Their music genres include Punk rock, Pop punk, Skate punk, and Alternative rock. One of their best-known albums is Americana that was released in 1998.


Another band from California, Pennywise, was formed in 1988. They got their name from the monster, It, in the movie by Stephen King. The band has 6 members and record with Epitaph Records and MySpace Records. Their genres include Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Skate punk, and Melodic Hardcore. One of their most known songs is called Bro Hymn and was released in 1991.

Blink 182

Anyone who doesn’t know Blink 182, has been living under a rock for the past 20 years. Blink 182 was formed in 1992 and the boys are also from California. Their genres include Pop punk, Alternative rock, Punk rock, and Skate punk. They are extremely well-known across the world and have sold thousands of albums. Two of their most famous songs are All the Small Things and Adam’s Song. Both these songs were released on the Enema of the State album.

Suicidal Tendencies

In 1980, an American crossover thrash band was founded by Mike Muir. Mike is the vocalist and the only remaining original member of the band. They are from California and have been associated with other bands like Slayer, Metallica, No Mercy, and Los Cycos. Unlike the other bands on this list, they lean more towards the thrash genres instead of the rock genres. Their genres include Crossover thrash, Hardcore punk, Funk metal, Thrash metal, and Skate punk.


Millencolin is one of the few punk rock bands that were not formed in California. They are from Sweden and was formed in 1992. They record for Epitaph Records and Burning Heart Records under the genre of punk. Two of their well-known songs are No Cigar and The Story of My Life. They have 4 main members and have a specific following of fans from across the world.

Clearly, California is the birthplace of punk. It must be something in the water. No matter where these bands are from, they are all very good at what they do and have many fans across the world. Skate punk, punk rock, Melodic Hardcore, etc. is a very strong group of genres. We are sure there are new bands that will blow us away on the horizon.

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